Book Reviews
for the
Civil War History and Roster
of the
First New York Dragoons
by Deanna Bedgood


Gateshouse, September 29, 2010
This is a well researched and very readable book that includes era letters, anecdotes and portraits of many of the soldiers. An excellent volume for review of personel and military engagements from Deserted House, Va., Jan. 30, 186e to Appomattox Church House (Lee's Surrender), April 9, 1865.

A necessary addition for any library as a supplement to the Civil War, to bring the war home to the reader.

George Ann Almeter - Curator
Warsaw Historical Society
Gates House
15 Perry Ave.
Warsaw, NY 14569
Dad2savvy, September 25, 2010
The author offers a convenient opportunity to salute our boys in blue who were fighting an intractable war. This book is a reflection of men from various backgrounds in Western New York who answered Lincoln's call when the country needed them the most. We learn how they left for the seat of war as infantry, how they fought, out-maneuvered the Confederates as cavalry, and lived to see home once again. It's a resource for the serious historian, a must have for any library. Well Done.
Don Baker
Deputy Historian
136th. N.Y.S.V. Descendants Group
Sheila, September 1, 2010
A treasure for History and Civil War buffs. Ms Bedgood has done an exacting, meticulous job of transcribing, updating and researching a long out of print rare book. Descendants will enjoy the photographs, documentation on an ancestor. This volume makes a great deal of specific information available to everyone with an interest.


Randol, October 16, 2010
Great Cavalry History. Deanna Bedgood's work on the 1st New York Dragoons is a must have for anyone interested in Civil War cavalry regiments. I found it enlightening, interesting, and nicely detailed. This New York regiment was one of the most exciting horse unite in the War and fought more than 60 engagements.
Arlene, September 25, 2010
Civil War Treasure. This book is a real treasure to those who are interested in the Civil War history and especially to those of you who will find ancestors' names and pictures.
Ron, September 23, 2010
Allegany County (NY) Listings well Done! A very attractive and well organized listing of a lot of Allegany County (NY) Civil War vets. I would recommend everyone researching the Dragoons have a copy in their library. For a "first book" this author has done a splendid job!


R. Yott "Bobby Lee", A treasure of photos and data at your finger tips. Ms. Bedgood has done a fine job arranging photos and putting names to many of faces of obscured and nearly forgotten men who served during one of our nation's darkest hour. A must have!


John Du Bois, September 18, 2010
Mrs. Bedgood has done what no other has done and that is write on a western New York Regt. This is very well done and the Rosters are very easy to follow. Great for research.
John Du Bois Historian
Gayle, September 27, 2010
I just received a copy of your new book. I can fully imagine the amount of time and effort that went into it; the individual photographs in and of themselves are quite an accomplishment!

This book is a wonderful tribute to your great-grandfather and those he served with. They were real people who helped shape our country and its history; they should not be forgotten.


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